Measuring carbon in a coffee farm

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You will learn about the advantages of coffee farming for receiving payments for ecosystem services. Also, you will identify how to explain the carbon cycle in a simple way to rural communities, how it is measured, and what is required to participate in the Solidaridad – Rabobank ACORN’s model.

  • Approx. 7 hours to complete
  • You can access videos, podcasts, and readings anytime and anywhere via the web or app.

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Solidaridad East and Central Africa

  • Alex Amanya, Senior Project Manager
  • Sweeny Binsari, Climate Change and NMR Manager


Educational Solutions

  • Mauricio García Duque, Educative Solutions Leader
  • Vanessa Duque Yate, ​Education Coordinator
  • Manuela Builes Londoño, Production Coordinator
  • María Camila Jaramillo, Tailor Content Coordinator
  • Marlon Buitrago Granados, Instructional Designer
  • Iván Álvarez, Web Developer
  • Javier Díaz, Technical Support



  • Martine Boon, Adjunct Directeur Food & Agri sector management
  • Paola López Vargas, Account Manager Acorn
  • Maud Slippens, Project Acorn

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